Art's Bio Page

Art Holland is a talented, versatile and downright wonderful guitarist. His smile is as recognizable as his tasteful playing. Art is a "guitarist's-guitarist," who has developed his equipment to compliment his playing style, and his playing style to compliment his equipment. With years of playing under his belt, Art has done everything musically from road work to sessions to stage performances to producing. Art is a complete pro on acoustic, electric, slide, and baritone guitar, plus, he plays a mean mandolin. Art also has a long history of singing lead, backup, and harmony vocals. He is good at what he does, and Art has nothing but good references to confirm that!

Art's music career began early in his teens, playing guitar at age 15 in San Diego, California. He played in jazz ensemble bands & pit bands for plays in High School & College. After graduation from San Diego State College, Art turned professional, embarking on a tour of Alaska, Canada & the U.S. with the popular R&B band, Cinnamon. After that tour, Art returned to San Diego where he continued to hone his artistic skills, expand his musical and vocal knowledge and abilities, and work non-stop. He still works non-stop, having been in great musical demand for over 30 years.
Art's talents have led him to many star-studded shows. Over the years, Art has played with members of Santana, Oingo Boingo, Crosby Stills & Nash, The Beach Boys, The Desert Rose Band, Dolly Parton, Boy Howdy, Deep Purple, Minnie Riperton, The Four Seasons, The Association, Nancy Sinatra and many others. Art has had endorsements from Fender/Guild, Music Man over the years and loves their products. Art is also an endorsee of John Pearse Strings which are the best strings around. Over the years, since 2004, Art has done five tours of Iraq, four tours of Afghanistan and three tours of Kosovo and Bosnia with three different bands. An honor to do these tours playing music for the US Armed Forces in Battle Zones.

Here is a quaint and little professed fable about Art… He was hit in the head by a meteorite in 1994. As a result, he sometimes forgets his name and where he lives. The meteorite gave Art incredible super-powers and a distinctive bump on the head which he covers with a large growth of fuzzy hair. He now has x-ray vision and can see people naked under their clothes. It has not dawned on Art that all people are naked under their clothes and that is why they wear garments. Oh well. Art is currently applying as a coach for the Swedish Bikini Team in Stockholm (formerly known as the Swedish Meatball Team). Art can also run faster than a speeding microchip, which is why you'll see him on many stages all at once. It's all invisible to the naked eye. Art sincerely wishes that other parts of the anatomy were naked besides just “that damn eye.” It is obviously time to have Art return to his “happy place” and take refuge in that pretty white jacket with the extra long sleeves. Additionally, there is a need for Art’s doctor to review his medications.

Feel free to call or contact Art. He answers to many names.